O’Briens Window Cleaning has implemented and certified with SAI Global an Integrated Management System or “IMS” to manage the best business practices developed by O’Briens Window Cleaning Services and improve overall management of the company. Our IMS ensures O’Briens Window Cleaning Services meets the needs of customers while complying with all Legislative, Regulatory and Codes of Practice relating to our business activities.

O’Briens Window Cleaning Services senior management is committed to continually improving the IMS through a process of regular audits of the IMS against the implemented standards to ensure conformance and deliver improvement. The IMS is updated as required to address changes in legislation and company focus as defined in our Policy statement.

O’Briens Window Cleaning Services senior management has developed the IMS policy statement to provide a set of rules or framework for action that defines our company principles, intentions and performance. Objectives and targets have been developed from the policy statement and are used to measure the company’s performance in achieving the principles, intentions and performance defined in the Policy statement.


O’Briens Window Cleaning Services Pty Ltd provides window cleaning and pressure cleaning services to the commercial property sector. We have developed our Integrated Management System, referred to as our ‘’IMS’’ to achieve a sustained level of quality, meet our responsibilities to protect the health and safety of our employees and conduct all aspects of our business in a manner that is environmentally responsible. The IMS is continually reviewed to ensure effective operation and to identify opportunities for improvement. Reviews also take place in response to organizational and legislative changes.

The IMS applies to operations at the O’Briens Window Cleaning Services office located at 1/2 Gordon Square ANNANDALE, New South Wales, and any site, project or Job under management of the company.

Senior management will review this Policy statement and our objectives and targets for continuing suitability at least once a year. Our IMS policy is freely available to the public.

  • O’Briens Window Cleaning Services Pty Ltd is committed to:
  • Meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2008
  • Meeting the requirements of AS / NZS 4801:2001
  • Meeting the requirements of ISO 14001:2004
  • Protecting the health and safety of its employees, subcontractors and the public in the workplace
  • Protecting the environment by ensuring service delivery has no impact on the environment and prevents pollution
  • Identify and comply with all Federal and State Legislation and Regulation and other requirements related to activities of the organisation
  • Focus on continuous improvement of our management system and service delivery
  • Ongoing induction and training of all personnel to improve safety and meet the requirements of the IMS
  • Promote employee communication and participation in relevant aspects of the IMS

O’Briens Window Cleaning Services Pty Ltd recognizes that the success of the Integrated Management System depends on leadership from senior management and commitment from all levels of the organization.

  • Senior management is committed to ensure all employees and subcontractors working for O’Briens Window Cleaning Services Pty Ltd:
  • understand the philosophy and importance of the IMS
  • comply with the requirements of the IMS
  • take ownership of their respective responsibilities as defined by the IMS
  • consider all aspects of the IMS in all planning and work activities

The Integrated Management System ensures continuous improvement in service delivery by:

  • Defining Objectives and Targets by which success can be gauged
  • Monitoring progress towards achievement of documented objectives and targets
  • Regular review of the IMS
  • Clear and open reporting of performance results
  • Deliver continual improvement through a process of internal audit, corrective and preventative action

O’Briens Window Cleaning Services Pty Ltd is committed to consistently deliver services to our customers as promoted. We will listen to the needs of our clients and complete work to their satisfaction, by conducting all activities in accordance with our IMS.

The HSEQ manager is responsible for reviewing and maintaining the IMS and reports regularly to senior management on the effectiveness of the system.


Risk management is becoming a key facet of business life and as such our customers are increasingly moving towards having zero tolerance to any risk. Today companies must ensure compliance with both legislation (Laws passed by Parliament) and Regulations (rules issued by government agencies). To ensure compliance, O’Briens Window Cleaning Services has implemented a well-defined management system with strong control and monitoring of processes and continual improvement.

How O’Briens Window Cleaning Services manages risk is key to building trust and confidence with our customers. The implementation and certification of our Integrated Management System tells our customers and other stakeholders that we are focused on continuous performance improvement with regards to quality, environment and safety related issues. External validation helps us continually improve our strategies, operations and levels of service. Using SAI Global as our certification body guarantees an objective third party validation and benchmarking of our management system and takes O’Briens beyond mere compliance certification onto a path where the approach is risk based.

Having earned the right to use the following logos is a strong validation of the O’Briens management system.