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high pressure cleaning

High Pressure Cleaning

Commercial and industrial buildings all require more than just window cleaning services to ensure their façade cleaning program is also kept in check. High pressure cleaning is used by O'Briens for the removal of unsightly and hazardous spills, stains, dirt, mould, pathogens, gum removal and graffiti removal along with other marks. This method guarantees a well presented, safe, compliant building or facility whilst also being environmentally responsible, non-abrasive, fast, food safe where required and low impact on your business operating environment. High pressure cleaning can be used on the following areas:

  • car parks
  • entries
  • internal and external food courts
  • driveways
  • pathways
  • stairways
  • toilets
  • loading docks
  • dumpster areas
  • signage
  • building wash-downs including roofs, walls and windows
  • environmental methods for oil stain removal and grease from car parking spaces
  • powerful vacuum recovery at the point of cleaning means that cleaned surfaces are left near-dry and ready for immediate use
  • fast effective removal of chewing gum and grease from entrances

Façade Cleaning in Sydney and Brisbane

When considering your options for facade cleaning in Sydney and Brisbane, know that O'Brien's pressure washing service offers a safe and non-abrasive solution to washing many of your building's exterior surface areas.

There are several reasons for initiating a facade cleaning project. First and foremost is to maintain a pleasing aesthetic. Over time, soil and pollution build-up will occur on the surface areas of your building and when mixed with wind and rain, it will stain the exterior elevations.

By cleaning your building's facade, you are not only removing these soils and increasing your curb appeal, but you also eliminate decay caused by damaging pollutants. Our commercial clients know that a first class presentation of one's property helps to draw in both prospective tenants and their customers. Whether it be a shopping centre, office building, hotel or warehouse, a building's exterior helps communicate both its quality and that of the company managing the property.

Another reason to consider facade cleaning is to assist in monitoring a building's condition. Particularly in masonry surfaces, dirt and grime can make evaluating your building's possible need for repairs difficult to detect.

By maintaining a clean exterior, maintenance and repair issues are easier to identify and address before developing into more severe and costly expense.

We clean every type of building facade material using only the best equipment, staff and techniques.

  • We wash, blast and scrub all surfaces to remove dust, dirt, grease, grime, algae, mildew, mould, marker pens, paint and other filth.
  • On the outside – we clean wall surfaces, roofs, sky-lights, canopies, fascias, gutters, pipework, drains, signs, paving and parking areas.
  • We wash all surfaces, remove moss, weeds, litter and other debris, clean and unblock guttering, pipes and drains and erase chewing gum, oil stains, diesel spills and tyre and graffiti marks.

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Commercial and industrial buildings all require more than just window cleaning services for their facade.

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