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commercial window cleaning

Commercial Window Cleaning Services

  • High-rise & Low-rise building window cleaning
  • Commercial & Industrial building window cleaning services
  • Facade and structure cleaning
  • Stain Removal
  • Stainless steel & facade panel cleaning
  • Gutter & Roof clearing
  • Pressure cleaning Facades, Car Parks, Footpaths, Roofs & Forecourt's
  • Consultation on access techniques & equipment
  • Height Safety Systems (Installation & Certification)
  • Bird / Vermin Eradication, Bird Spikes
  • Facade Inspection Reports
  • Confined Space work

Clean windows are obviously an important part of property maintenance, and O'Briens are here to make sure your view of the world isn't covered in grime. Clean windows mean a brighter office, a lower electricity bill and a happier environment. O'Brien's method of scheduling for commercial window cleaning is convenient, reliable and flexible. We can work around you and be there monthly, bi-monthly, annually or at designated times throughout the year. Once this timeline is set, you never have to think or worry about it again.

It is very important to choose the safest method of accessing the building for working at heights.

All O'Briens Window Cleaning abseil technicians are highly experienced and vigorously trained and certified to the highest standard of rope access abseiling techniques. Our operators have undergone training with such competent organisations as IRATA and ARAA. We make sure all our equipment is regularly inspected and maintained and all abseil works are conducted to the highest safety and quality standards. O'Briens Window Cleaning understand that high-level access work such as abseiling, is a potentially hazardous activity. This is why safety is our highest priority. O'Briens Window Cleaning strictly promotes the implementation of correct safety measures and standards, in order to secure a safe working environment at all times. All technicians follow strict OH&S guidelines and safety systems that are constantly audited and updated. Industrial abseiling methods provide a variety of commercial window cleaning solutions which include difficult to access areas.

Window Cleaning in Sydney and Brisbane

For the last 20 years, director Martin Graham has pioneered the Window Cleaning Industry, specializing in Abseil and Rope Access Techniques, allowing O'Briens to tender for, win and manage some of the biggest contracts for New South Wales and Queensland's A-Grade buildings.

O'Briens also excels in repair, maintenance, technical services and a range of "soft" support services, offering a range of distinct services designed to add value individually or integrated into a packaged approach for commercial window cleaning and any high rise window cleaning for difficult access needs, including facades and roof work.

What differentiates O'Briens from its competitors in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or anywhere around Australia, is their exceptional value for money and 100% guarantee in window cleaning services – no matter how big or small the job may be.

O'Briens meets the high standards set by organisations and continues to meet the high standards demanded by clients, while not only protecting the welfare of highly trained employees with a 100% safety record, but also the public and the environment with demonstrated focus on working Green & Clean.


Other Window Cleaning Services

HVAC Cleaning

rope access window cleaning - related high rise window cleaning

High tech HVAC cleaning, decontamination and restoration techniques are used to clean the ducts of your HVAC system.

Pressure Cleaning

post construction cleaning - related high rise window cleaning

Commercial and industrial buildings all require more than just window cleaning services for their facade.

Post Construction Cleaning

industrial abseiling - related high rise window cleaning

O'Brien's understand the importance of having a reliable quality and profession post construction clean.

High Dusting

gum removal - related high rise window cleaning

High dusting is the process used to describe the process of accessing hard to reach areas in an open ceiling to remove dirt build up or grime.