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Anchor Points

Anchor Points

O'Briens Window Cleaning Services can install, certify, and service all your roof access and height safety requirements no matter what the industry.

We specialise in demanding access areas and environments.

At O'Briens we offer access solutions for not only commercial window cleaning but also a wide variety of other cleaning services all supported by high access and difficult access areas.

We take safety of our operators very seriously. Strategically positioned anchor points that are installed in compliance with current legislation will protect operator from a potential fall from height.

Safety harness fixed to anchor point enables operator to perform their tasks with safety and efficiency.


Other Window Cleaning Services

HVAC Cleaning

rope access window cleaning - related high rise window cleaning

High tech HVAC cleaning, decontamination and restoration techniques are used to clean the ducts of your HVAC system.

Pressure Cleaning

post construction cleaning - related high rise window cleaning

Commercial and industrial buildings all require more than just window cleaning services for their facade.

Post Construction Cleaning

industrial abseiling - related high rise window cleaning

O'Brien's understand the importance of having a reliable quality and profession post construction clean.

High Dusting

gum removal - related high rise window cleaning

High dusting is the process used to describe the process of accessing hard to reach areas in an open ceiling to remove dirt build up or grime.